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guinea pigs are part of the rodent family they have no tales and they originate from south america in the andes moutins in peru.guinea pigs are very social animals.if you keep one as a pet you should give it a nother friend to play with becuase they do tend to get lonley at also need a big cage i recomened  c&c cages.they also need lots of toys like mini ropes for them to chew on for there teeth,pigloos wich are little plastic igloos they love pigloos,mini huts for them to hide in,mini balls with food inside and lots can also give them dog beds its very cosy for them to sleep in.     if your planing to get a guinea pig make sure you give it vitamin c,a good cage,lots of toys. clean its cage once a week and make sure to check if they have fleas and check there toe nails if you think there growing to long go to the vet and ask them to clip your guinea pets toes.give your guinea pig floor time make sure if theres any electric wires cover them up so your guinea pig doesnt get an eletric shock.                      







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