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create a guinea pig

Posted by onecoolangel on August 10, 2010 at 3:03 PM Comments comments (0)

hi every on today i found a cool website you can create your own guineapig heres the link: ; when you make yours be shure to post them on photos or if you want to see the tutorial here look underneth:                  

select a guinea pig by right clicking on the one you want and  click save as                                     

once you have your guinea pig go on paint and colour it in the colours you want if the background goes black press bucket and the colour white click the black background and it turns white .



when youve done that fill the background with a bright colour like yellow  or green                                                                                                          


 when youve done that copy your image  on irfanview its free to download heres the link ; than save it name your guinea pig  and click save transparent colours and save it as GIF

when you have finished it should look like this  :D                          




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