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print off your very own guineapig food chart:)

       click on the image and print your very own guineapig food chart and try and have a treat for your guinea pig once a week like on friday or other days it's all up to you.You may need to enlarge the image so you can fit your writing and try laminating it so you can write on it with a white board pen and then you can rub it off dont worry if you dont have a lamitor you can go to an art and craft shop and ask to laminate it.Here's one of the treates you could use:


lettuce(NOT iceberg lettuce)

small tomatoe


First wash all your ingredients, then get your tomatoe and cut it in half. Keep one side of the tomatoe and take out the seeds. After that get your lettuce, cut it in little pieces and put it in your tomatoe. Then get your apple, cut it in half and take out the inside. Finally put  the lettuce inside the tomatoe  and them inside the apple. And you have your treat.:)









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